Hi, I'm Dennis Collins. My story begins in the late 1960’s when I was hired, with zero experience, by a major broadcast corporation for a sales job.

Thankfully, they believed in training and sent me to the Big Apple for a week long sales training course.  

When I  returned to the office, my Sales Manager called me in:  “Your sales trainer, Mr. Brown, said you were the least likely in your class to succeed in sales.”

“Uh-oh.  Should I just resign or what?”  Then Ray said,  “No.  I believe in you.  You’re staying on.”

From that day forward I knew I couldn’t let Ray down.  I needed to become an expert in sales.  I have studied something about sales and sales management every single day for all those years.

I went on the be a successful Sales Manager and General Manager for over thirty five years.  I’ve hired, and sadly fired, trained, mentored and managed more salespeople and sales managers that I can count. 

I now bring my wealth of experience with all types of salespeople and clients to SalesBossRx so I can help you.

How can I help you?

  • I can help diagnose your comfort zones and blind spots we all fall victim to.  It’s hard to impossible to do it by yourself.
  • Once I fully understand your situation, I’ll write a prescription that will start your business moving towards sales health.
  • I will show you and your team how to practice for mastery, which is a lot different than just practicing.
  • I will help you develop and install the correct sales process for your business that leads to maximum sales.
  • I will help identify the many different faces of the customers you’ll encounter and how to deal with each one effectively.
  • I will share an accountability system that keeps everyone on the same page.

Now, you can learn from both my successes and failures.  Over four decades of experience with every type of sales and management situation.

SalesBossRx.  Your prescription is waiting.

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