How Can I Help You?  

Here are just some of the services that I can provide.


How long has it been since your sales operation was audited by an outside source?  This is one of the best and fastest ways to uncover outdated practices, dysfunctional processes and ineffective sales management and sales staff.  I will conduct a comprehensive review.  I’ll ask all the tough questions. I’ll hold up the mirror so you can see your sales operation as it really is. Are you ready to uncover your blind spots and comfort zones?  My special Blind Spot Buster® will open your eyes to areas for immediate improvement.

(This process is not for the faint of heart).


Intense social style training and role plays designed to help managers and salespeople connect more quickly and more effectively with all types of customers.  It’s not the quality of your product and service but the quality of your people skills that determines sales success.  This process is designed to help you get to yes faster than ever.


Just how effective is your sales management team?  Whether it’s one person or more, do they understand the critical role they play in your business?  Do they hire and retain the best people?  Do they create the best sales processes?  Do they consistently overachieve revenue goals?  Do they hold salespeople accountable?  Do they have the ability to conduct never-ending training?  Do they connect with key customers?  This is a highly customized training program that assesses and then addresses the needs of your sales managers.


Have you ever been frustrated while looking for just the right sales strategy for a hard-to-land account?  Fresh eyes and ears can often produce ideas that your team never thought of.  Bring your toughest sales problem to the table and we’ll dissect it, look at it from all angles and come up with unique approaches and solutions designed to land the highly-sought-after customers.


This is the new generation of brainstorming.

Similar concept, but much more action oriented.  You’ll walk away from this session with dozens of new ideas and a specific action plan to put the best ones into practice.


Does your sales team understanding exactly where they are in the sales process?  Are they moving closer or farther away from the close?  What specific actions need to be taken to close an important account? Sales GPS is a step-by-step process that leads to higher sales success.  Just like vehicle and marine GPS, you always know exactly where you are, where you still need to go and the action steps that will get you there.


This may sound negative, but sometimes the best way to discover what does work is to look carefully at what doesn’t work.  This is an in-depth, interactive workshop that explores the top reasons that sales fail to close.    Once we’ve identified the top reasons for failure, we go forward with an inoculation program, a stall prevention program that is guaranteed to reduce stalls, objections and failures to close.

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